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Selecting a real estate agent to facilitate the sale of a home or condo is an important decision for anyone. We are offering 10 tips to guide sellers and buyers through the selection process.

1. Real estate agents are licensed by State governments to protect consumers. It is imperative that you check with your State licensing board to ensure potential candidates are currently licensed and in good standing with the board.

2. Also check for the type of real estate license held. It is much more difficult to pass a test for a Broker license versus Agent. This is a hugely overlooked point by most people. Wouldn't you rather work with a qualified Broker level agent?

3. Check to see how long a person has been in the profession. Experience of five years

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It may be wise if you're considering a for sale by owner real estate transaction to consider your options. One might think that avoiding a large real estate sales commission is a good thing. It can be for sure, but it is also a proved fact that home or condo sales through a broker sell at a higher price. But what about a low-cost for sale by owner package that still uses the skills of real estate broker, but allows the home or condo owner to sell it on their own and for a low-cost fixed commission? We actually offer that to the for sale by owner communityFor Sale By Owner | Sell For Less!

We offer an option to sell your home the low-cost way in our area. Here is how the for sale by owner process works with us.

  •     Start your for sale by owner home or condo sale with

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For those considering moving to Naples Florida in the near-term, or a few years into the future, it would be wise to pay attention to the sales trends here. Real estate sales activity in July continued its upward momentum according to recently released market statistics. An eight percent increase in the number of properties under contract was recorded in July 2015 compared with the number of properties under contract in July 2014. How many exactly, you might ask. Exactly 913 properties in July 2015 compared with 845 properties under contract in July 2014 to be precise. Our former slow summer months have disappeared and we stayed busy in July. Total housing inventory decreased another 1 percent showing that inventory continues to remain very tight. Some

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Home and condo sales were strong again for the first quarter of 2015. A stunning 73 percent of all sales were also cash-only purchases. The cash buyer clearly has an advantage in a low inventory environment like we are currently experiencing. Sellers favor cash buyers because of the shorter closing period compared with financed transactions. In addition, loan contingencies add uncertainty to the closing process. Traditional sales, which exclude both short sales and foreclosures, were also an impressive 91% of total transactions in April 2015. Said another way, distressed property closings were the lowest in the past six years. Things are very healthy these days and sellers of real estate definitely have an edge. We just hope more properties begin to be

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The number one reason for buying vacation homes is probably obvious to everyone before even reading this article. The weather in this seaside paradise makes buying vacation homes a great choice. At 26 degrees north latitude, Naples is a mere four degrees latitude north of the Hawaiian Islands. This simple geographical fact guarantees warm weather year-round. The second reason is sunsets. The west facing shoreline on the west coast of Florida allows vacation homes residents to view them every night. It is indeed a local ritual of Neapolitans (yes, it is how we are referred to here) to enjoy nightly sunsets. Most build their evening plans around the event, dining either before or after sunset, depending on seasonal timing. There are many things to do in

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It is possible that Naples Florida home prices here could appreciate 30 percent over the next three years. In fact, Local Market Monitor reported last month that home prices could rise as much as 31 percent over the next several years. Fort Myers metro area was not far behind. They went on to say that the usual economic drivers, supply and demand, were not the only culprits causing the rise. Instead, they pointed to unpredictable returns on stocks and bonds, along with aging baby-boomers current low rate of return on cash investments. In addition, the Board of Realtors also reported last month that prices were up 19 percent for the 12 month period ending September 2014, and inventory was down 17 percent for the same period. New construction is

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Living in Naples Florida has been the dream of many and is currently a reality for about 465,000 people. With a population of about half of neighboring Lee County (Fort Myers), there are benefits for those considering living here. There are so many things to do in Naples. Obviously, the weather is at the top of the list for most people. During the dry season, generally thought of as November through May, the weather is absolutely spectacular.  In June, the weather starts to transition to a wetter pattern with rain typically occurring in the late afternoon on some days. July through September, count on the rain in the afternoon on most days, and high temperatures in the low 90’s with higher humidity as well. What is a surprise to folks who have become

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The Naples Florida housing market is hotter than ever. With 8,000 baby boomers turning age 65 every day now, there continues to be plenty of demand for homes and condos here in our seaside paradise. Migration of retirees to Florida is significant today and will remain that way for a decade or two into the future. Regardless of their motivations to move, the huge quantity of boomers, estimated at 74 million recently, is driving sales of housing. There has also been pent-up demand accumulated during the last part of the last decade, and that too is driving buyers into the housing market today. Although cash transactions account for nearly 74% of all local real estate sales, interest rates appear to have hit bottom and are heading up, as we witnessed a full

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Gordon Drive, a community adjacent to the famed Port Royal neighborhood, boasts some of the finest multi-million dollar residences in the world. There is great history and intrigue surrounding this street and the beachfront mega-estates that line the Gulf to the west of the boulevard. Some of these dwellings were built as many as 60 years ago by wealthy mid-western families that helped shape the area in the early days of the city’s post-war growth. Most homes have been updated several times, and some homes have been torn down to make way for newer homes. The ultra-wealthy neighborhood consists of three small but exclusive communities; Gordon Drive Estates, Little Harbour, and Sabre Cay. Collectively the three form the Port Royal real estate community.

Gordon Drive Estates
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Sales were brisk on Gulf Shore Boulevard in October 2013 as condos over $500,000 continued to climb with double digit sales percentage gains over last year. Overall days on the market decreased 35 percent too, according to recent statistics. Inventory also decreased 20% compared with the same period last year, leading to tight market conditions and rising condo prices. As an address, the street ranks near the top in the city as it runs north and south and parallel to the beach. It is also the most westward street here and offers beachfront condos on the west side, and condos on the bay on the east. Two areas stand out, as folks have been heavily shopping these two ultra-chic neighborhoods. These days bargains are not as plentiful and the real estate

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