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It is possible that Naples Florida home prices could appreciate 30 percent over the next three years. For instance, Local Market Monitor reported last month that Naples Florida home prices could rise as much as 31 percent over the next several years. Fort Myers metro area was not far behind. They went on to say that the usual economic drivers, supply and demand, were not the only culprits causing the rise. Instead, they pointed to unpredictable returns on stocks and bonds, along with aging baby-boomers current low rate of return on cash investments. In addition, the Naples Area Board of Realtors also reported last month that prices were up 19 percent for the 12 month period ending September 2014, and inventory was down 17 percent for the same period. New

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Living in Naples Florida has been the dream of many and is currently a reality for about 465,000 people. With a population of about half of neighboring Lee County (Fort Myers), there are many benefits for those considering living here. Obviously, the weather is at the top of the list for most people. During the dry season, generally thought of as November through May, the weather is absolutely spectacular. In June, the weather starts to transition to a wetter pattern with rain typically occurring in the late afternoon on some days. July through September, count on the rain in the afternoon on most days, and high temperatures in the low 90’s with higher humidity as well. What is a surprise too many who have become year-round residents, is the consistent

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The Naples Florida housing market is hotter than ever. With 8,000 baby boomers turning age 65 every day now, there continues to be plenty of demand for homes and condos here in our seaside paradise. Migration of retirees to Florida is significant today and will remain that way for a decade or two into the future. Regardless of their motivations to move, the huge quantity of boomers, estimated at 74 million recently, is driving sales of housing. There has also been pent-up demand accumulated during the last part of the last decade, and that too is driving buyers into the Naples Florida housing market today. Although cash transactions account for nearly 74% of all local real estate sales, interest rates appear to have hit bottom and are heading up, as we

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Gordon Drive Naples Florida, a community adjacent to the famed Port Royal neighborhood, boasts some of the finest multi-million dollar homes in the world. The ultra-wealthy neighborhood consists of three small but exclusive communities; Gordon Drive Estates, Little Harbour, and Sabre Cay. There is great history and intrigue surrounding this street and the beachfront mega-estates that line the Gulf to the west of the street. Some of these homes were built as many as 60 years ago by wealthy mid-western families that helped shape the area in the early days of the city’s post-war growth. Most homes have been updated several times, and some homes have been torn down to make way for newer homes. Most homes are situated on multi-acre parcels with ample set-backs

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In the neighborhood of Gulf Shore Blvd Naples FL; sales were brisk in October 2013 as condos over $300,000 continued to climb with double digit sales percentage gains over last year. Overall days on the market decreased 35 percent too, according to recent statistics released by the local MLS. Inventory also decreased 20% compared with the same period last year, leading to tight market conditions and rising condo prices in the Gulf Shore Blvd Naples FL community. As a boulevard, Gulf Shore Blvd ranks as tops in the city as it runs north and south and parallel to the beach. It is also the most westward street in Naples Florida and offers beach front condos on the west side, and condos on the bay on the east side of the street. Buyers wanting to be in the

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The Naples condos market in Naples Florida was really on fire this summer with fast growing demand from buyers. Many buyers of condos are getting off the fence and making purchase decisions now with prices rising. With the prospect of both rising interest rates, and rising home and condominium prices, it is creating a sense of urgency even in our slower summer season. The Naples condos market especially has been impacted with strong demand as July sales numbers showed a 143% increase in condominium sales in the $300,000 to $500,000 price category. There also was a huge 1,200% increase in the two million dollar plus price category comparing July 2013 to the same month last year. One local real estate Broker jokingly stated recently, “somebody call the fire

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Home inspections in Naples Florida is a phrase that both buyers and sellers should keep in mind when buying or selling Naples real estate. The purchase process can be stressful, especially if the real estate buyer does not understand what is involved, and the seller does not understand what results are expected. Inspection intends to convey peace-of-mind through knowledge. It often can have the opposite effect. Absorbing a great deal of technical information over a short period of time is part of the problem. Many buyers simply do not have the training in construction and building design to grasp the technical information. Generally, home inspections in Naples Florida includes a written report, photographs, environmental reports, and a written summary

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Naples homes for sale in Florida experienced strong sales volume this winter and negotiating leverage could shift from buyers to sellers soon. Why all the sudden discussion about Naples homes for sale? It was just reported that housing inventory decreased yet again last month, and by a big 13 percent. The numbers came from a report released recently by our local MLS authority, which tracks home listings and sales within Collier County. We have been forecasting this for several years now if you were to research our blog. The power is indeed beginning to shift away from home buyers, who have had the upper hand on home prices for over five years now. Home sellers have become emboldened; especially when seeing the steady decline in Naples homes for sale

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The 3.8 percent tax that was signed into law in 2010 as part of the healthcare law should not have home buyers overly concerned. The tax was added as a part of the new health care legislation, and was a move by Congress to help fund the massive health care spending package. For those that are unaware, this 3.8 percent capital gains assessment was written into the healthcare law right before the final vote, and without any sort of debate, or review. We simply would like to to explore the details of the U.S. legislation and how it affects selling a Naples Florida home. We will try to clear up any common myths that may be making the rounds with home buyers and sellers of Naples real estate. We believe it is also important to note that this will be a hotly

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A Naples Florida housing shortage is causing buyers to experience the pain of multiple offers on a single MLS listing. This is likely to continue as we approach the winter season of 2013.  The effects of a local housing shortage could make listings pricey as buyers step-up purchases in our upscale beach communities. The current inventory situation continues to worsen as the national construction picture pegs new construction inventory at a fifty-year low. Area Realtors hoped that more sellers would begin to enter the market this year, but it appears that was wishful thinking, as many wealthy sellers are flush with cash, and do not need to sell. We believe that the quick draw-down of inventory over the last couple of years, with not much coming to market,

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