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Posted by Rich Homer on Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 at 1:43pm.

Online real estate search can be a tricky business for home buyers and third-party websites are NOT the place for home buyers to start. We will explain why. Naples MLS listings have always been the property of each local multiple listing exchange, referred to as the MLS. The Naples MLS for example is where all listings are initially entered by a local and licensed Broker like us, or by an Agent working for a Broker. With the launch of the internet some years ago, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) decided to coordinate and allow the local MLS exchanges to share listings for the first time outside their membership. Today an estimated 90% of Naples Florida home buyers start their home or condo search on the internet. Many websites now exist, but it is important to know the differences between third-party websites and the “REAL” thing.

Naples Realtors can and do provide “REAL” Naples MLS listings for search through a NAR authorized software platform known as Internet Data Exchange (IDX). IDX is the property of NAR and only Brokers that are members of NAR can license the platform. You can rest assured that performing an online real estate search on a licensed Brokers website like ours,, you are looking at “REAL” Naples MLS listings. These "REAL" listings are auto-updated daily as well. The one caveat we will offer is that the IDX software platform made available to us by NAR for a fee,  is what is referred to in the software industry as a “thin-client”. It is a version with only a fraction of the search functionality of the Naples MLS that us licensed Brokers have access to. So let us review. First, your best online real estate search is on a good Brokers website.  Second, Brokers have a full-client, or better search functionality than what they can offer their clients via their websites. So call them for help.

Now let’s talk about the third-party home search websites. As we said, NAR decided to coordinate and allow the local multiple listing exchanges to share listings outside their national membership years ago because of the creation of the internet. How does the sharing work? Not as well as anyone hoped. For starters, many third-party websites allow users to up-load additions to their database, corrupting the data and accuracy immediately. In addition, third-party webmasters manually up-load listings, causing delays, missing listings, and out-of-date listings. Unfortunately, third-party websites main mission is generating advertising dollars, and for continually greater profit. So why help them increase their visitor count? Do not help them and frustrate yourself at the same time. Use our website instead, and its free too.

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