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Posted by Rich Homer on Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 at 1:43pm.

Online real estate search can be a tricky business for home buyers and third-party websites are NOT the place for home buyers to start. We will explain why. Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data has always been the property of each local multiple listing exchange. All data is initially entered by a local licensed real estate Broker like us, or by an Agent working for a Broker. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) decided to coordinate and allow the local MLS exchanges to share data for the first time outside of membership. Today an estimated 90% of buyers start their hunt on-line. There are some bad websites for sure, so make sure you are using the "Real Thing".

Online Real Estate Search

First, your best on-line real estate search is a good licensed real estate Brokers website. Our real estate search tool guarantees you looking at “REALproperty listings. These listings are also automatically updated daily as well. This is particularly important in fast-moving inventory neighborhoods at the beach. There is one caveat we will mention. The only platform made available to us, for our clients, is referred to in the software industry as a “thin-client”. It is a version with only a fraction of the functionality that we have access to. So, call us for help as we have full-client software with better functionality than what they are able to offer clients.

Now let’s talk about the third-party on-line search sites. As we said, NAR decided to coordinate and allow the local multiple listing exchanges to share data outside the national membership years ago because of the creation of the world wide web. How does the sharing work? Not as well as anyone hoped. For starters, many third-party sites allow users to up-load additions to their database, corrupting the data and accuracy immediately. In addition, third-party webmasters manually up-load listings, causing delays, missing listings, and out-of-date listings. Unfortunately, third-party websites main mission is generating advertising dollars. So why frustrate yourself? Use a legitimate and accurate real estate search website instead.

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